Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cultist Killed & Tied To An Electric Pole For Renouncing His Membership (Photos)

As sent in by a blog reader: It was terrible when I overheard some serious sound of gunshot and brutal sound of machetes on a guy shouting and screaming .... "I no do again, make una leave me, make una no kill me" around 2am. that noise was so terrific to the extend that we could not even come out of our house to see what was happening at New Nyanya, along keffi/abuja express way, Nasarawa State. In the morning as i prepared to go to work.... the dead body is what I met tied on an electric pole. Personally, I dont know what people still see in cultism nowadays. Cultism was a thing of respect way back but now every Tom Dick and Harry join.

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