Friday, 28 April 2017

Charlie Murphy dead at 57.(not eddie murphy)

Charlie Murphy, who gained national attention on the hit “Chappelle's Show” and evolved into a sought-after stand-up comedian, has died, a rep told Fox News on Wednesday. He was 57.
Representatives of the Murphy family sent the following statement to Fox News about Charlie Murphy's death: 
"Our hearts are heavy with the loss today of our son, brother, father, uncle and friend Charlie. Charlie filled our family with love and laughter and there won’t be a day that goes by that his presence will not be missed. Thank you for the outpouring of condolences and prayers. We respectfully ask for privacy during this time of great loss for all of us.”
A rep told us the star died of leukemia. TMZ reported he died in a New York City hospital.
The older brother to actor Eddie Murphy had been focusing on his stand-up career in recent years.
He was also known for his roles in films such as “Lottery Ticket” and “The Guys Who Move Furniture.” He famously wrote “Norbit,” which his brother Eddie Murphy starred in. 
Charlie Murphy also worked with a slew of A-list stars from Halle Berry to Denzel Washington to Gabrielle Union and Sammy Davis Jr. He voiced roles in animated TV series that include "The Boondocks" and "Black Jesus."
He is credited with appearances to air later this year on the TV drama series "Power."
Chris Rock paid tribute to Murphy on Twitter on Wednesday. 
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Man saves 669 kids during Holocaust, has priceless reaction when they surprise him years later

Although history is filled with many dark chapters, sometimes people rise to the occasion and prove themselves in these tough situations. During World War II, European Jews saw their families broken up, their friends kidnapped and their neighbors turned against them. While Nazi rule created a dark atmosphere that fostered silence and intimidation throughout Europe, there were some people who resisted.

One such person was Nicholas Winton, a British stockbroker who risked his life to save Jewish children from what was then Czechoslovakia. All told, he was able to smuggle 669 children out of the country and safely into Britain, with some people dubbing him the “British Schindler.” Though Winton never claimed any serious credit for his actions, he did keep scrapbooks in his attic which had all the children’s information in them. The story was seemingly over—that is, until his wife found his scrapbooks in the attic.
By using the information in the books, Winton’s wife was able to arrange a truly special surprise for her husband. The moment was aired in a BBC series called “That’s Life,” a variety show which featured trenchant journalism, satire and sometimes light entertainment. Though Winton was in the audience for the show on one episode, it soon became clear something unusual was going on.
First, the producer of the show revealed that Winton had been sitting next to one of the children he saved the entire time. At this first revelation, he shed a few tears and received some applause. Still, the true surprise was yet to come. “Can I ask,” the producer says, “is there anyone in our audience tonight who owes their life to Nicholas Winton? If so, could you stand up please?” After a moment, everyone in the audience stands up and Winton is completely floored.

By using his own scrapbooks, the show’s producers had tracked down as many of the saved children as they could and reunited them for one truly special moment. Still, there were more honors to come in Winton’s life. In 2003, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the second. In 2014, he was inducted into the Czech Order of the White Lion, the highest ranking military honor available. In 2015, he passed away at the age of 106.
What Winton’s story shows is that it takes individuals to change the world. In the face of huge challenges, sometimes the most radical thing to do is also the simplest: taking action on what we know to be right. Winton’s life seemed to be marked with this philosophy above all, as he wore a reminder of it on his finger into late age. The ring was given to him by children he saved, and was inscribed with a quote from the Talmud, the book of Jewish law. “Save one life, save the world,” it said. And we couldn’t agree more.
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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Get up to 1,000 000 dollars grant from GEM

This is to inform the general public that, GEMS (Growth and Employment in States) is looking for Nigeria’s brightest and most promising MSMEs to support by providing financing, training and other forms of technical assistance.

GEMS is an employment project supported by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment and funded by the World Bank and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID). Grants given by GEMS to MSMEs range between $35,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the nature, size and qualifications of your business.

To apply;
  1. Your business must fall within the following sectors;
  • ICT
  • Entertainment
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Light Manufacturing (Agro/Industrial Processing)

  1. You must complete an Application form via this link:
  2. You must complete a ‘Company Profile’ template (which can be downloaded here: and send to in a PowerPoint format.
Please be informed that the deadline for this application is Sunday, April 30, 2017.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Port Harcourt-based pastor marries third wife (photos)

A Port Harcourt-based pastor, Apostle Ernest Agortey, is said to have married for the third time. According to reports circulating online, Agortey, who is the general overseer of Alabaster House Assembly in Rumuomoi area of Port Harcourt, married a third wife earlier this month of April. The stylish and flamboyant pastor who is from Ghana was said to have granted an interview with City People magazine, where he claimed he caught his first wife sleeping with his mentor.

The pastor was said to have married a second wife, who is of Igbo descent. They have a daughter together. gathered that no one knew what went wrong with the second marriage as the second wife was said to have carted away all the Apostle’s valuables without his knowledge when she was leaving him. The pastor who loves light-skinned ladies is said to have gone all the way to Edo state for his third wife. See more photos below:

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Japan: More than four million middle-aged 'parasite singles' still live with their elderly parents

Millions of middle-aged singles in Japan still live with their elderly parents and depend on them financially, research has revealed, contributing to the county’s falling birth rate and ageing population
The country had an estimated 4.5 million unemployed — or under-employed — and unmarried 35- to 54-year-olds who still lived at home in 2016. They have been dubbed "parasite singles" by researchers.
While Prime Minister Shinzo Abe faces pressure to combat the country's shrinking workforce, a generation who were once characterised as carefree are now worried about how they will make ends meet when their parents pass away. Many are likely to go on state benefits, putting further pressure on a social welfare system that is already creaking under the weight of the country's ageing population.
Japan’s population is set to plummet from 127 million to 88 million by 2065 - and is projected to drop even further to just 51 million by 2115 if current trends continue, according to the country's National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.
By 2065 nearly 40 per cent of the country will be senior citizens. There will be 1.3 workers for every person over the age of 65, compared to 2.3 in 2015. Economists have described the situation as a “demographic time bomb”.
Data released this month showed the number of "life-time singles" in Japan peaked in 2015. Among 50 year olds, one in four men and one in seven women were unmarried.
Sociologist Masahiro Yamada coined the term "parasite singles" in 1997.
“During the ‘bubble economy’ until the mid-1990s, the 20-somethings were happily amusing themselves. They thought by the time they were in their 30s, they’d be married,” he told Reuters.
“But one-third never married and are now around age 50."
Hiromi Tanaka, a former backup singer for pop groups, is what Mr Yamada would call a parasite single. 
“I got used to living in an unstable situation and figured somehow it would work out,” Ms Tanaka said.
Now aged 54, Ms Tanaka relies on income from giving private singing lessons to a dwindling number of students, and her mother’s pension to make ends meet. She has no pension plan of her own, and has used up most of her savings.
“My father died last year so pension income was halved,” she said. “If things go on like this, my mother and I will fall together.
About 20 per cent of middle-aged stay-at-home singles rely solely on parents for support, Mr Yamada told Reuters, adding that when their parents pass away they could become a burden on the state. “Once they use up inherited assets and savings, when nothing is left, they will go on the dole,” Mr Yamada said.
But many "parasite singles" argue that they did not choose their lifestyle, but were handed it by the economy.
The rise in those shunning marriage, experts say, is due not only to more diverse lifestyles but to an increase in low-paying, unstable jobs. Part-timers, temps or contract workers now account for nearly 40 per cent of the workforce compared to about 20 per cent in the 1980s.
Although a recent shortage of workers in Japan’s labour market has meant a slight fall in the number of singles living off parents, the overall trend probably will not change, said Katsuhiko Fujimori, an economist at Mizuho Information and Research Institute.
“That’s because of the increase in irregular workers and the fact that more and more people cannot marry for economic reasons, even if they want to.”
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Friday, 21 April 2017

AWW SO SWEET! Abuja Couple Welcome Set Of Quintuplet In A Miraculous Way (Photos)

Abuja based couple, Mr. and Mrs. Imudia Uduehi, have welcomed a set of quintuplets - five girls. According to media practitioner, Lara Wise who shared their story online, the couple reside at Ikenna borehole in Abuja. The wife got pregnant shortly after their wedding and barely 8 months after she conceived naturally, doctors at the National hospital had to bring out her babies through C.S recently.
The babies survived and are doing fine. The  family is still at the National Hospital and the babies were named yesterday. Congrats to them.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

O.M.G Husband beat his wife badly and burst her eye

Husband beat his wife badly and burst her eye.
See yourself what the father-in-law, who was extremely angry with the incident, did to his son-in-law on the road.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Nigerian economy out of recession, growing strongly—World Economics

The Nigerian economy is out of recession and growing strong, says United Kingdom-based World Economics.
The organisation, which is  dedicated to producing analysis, insight and data relating to questions of importance in understanding the world economy, said this development was reflected in the growth of its April Sales Managers’ Index, SMI, for Nigeria, which rose to 58.5 per cent from 56.7 per cent in March.
According to a report on its website, the organisation said: “April Sales Managers’ Index, SMI, data suggests that the Nigerian economy is continuing to grow out of the recession which saw 10 months of consecutive contraction in 2016.
“The Market Growth Index grew to 58.5 in April as the monthly Sales Growth Index ticked up to 56.7, its highest value since 2015 and representative of rapid growth. Price inflation for April, which is tracked by the Prices Charged Index, remained high at 58.7 – indicative of high levels of inflation. A slowing trend has, however, developed for the past nine months.”

Mozambique footballer is killed by a 16-foot crocodile

Estevao Alberto Gino (pictured) was dragged into the river by the crocodile after putting his hands into the water after jogging
A teenage footballer was snatched and killed by a 16-foot crocodile while training along the banks of a river in Mozambique.
Estevao Alberto Gino, 19, played for Atletico Mineiro de Tete, a club in Mozambique's second division, and was training near the Zambezi river in the western province of Tete.
His coach, Eduardo Carvalho, explains: 'He was training and after jogging he stretched his hands into the water and that was when the crocodile caught him.'
He was not with his team-mates at the time but two neighbours who witnessed the attack estimated the crocodile to have been about 16-foot long, and said 'they could not do anything' to save him.
Estevao, a centre back, had played for the team - named after a Brazilian team - for several years, starting in the youth team.
The club posted this image on their Facebook page, showing they were in 'mourning' (luto).
On their Facebook page they wrote: 'We are mourning our player, our brother, our friend, our son and our eternal central defender Estevao Alberto Gino, only 19 years of age with a promising future, who was the victim of a crocodile on the banks of the Zambezi river.'
They offered their condolences to his family and described his death as an 'irreparable loss'. 
Local police spokesman Leonel Muchina said the player's body has not yet been found.
Crocodile attacks are common along the Zambezi river. 
Last week villagers in neighbouring Zimbabwe cut open a crocodile and found the remains of an eighth years old boy inside the beast. 
Two neighbours who witnessed the attack in Tete, Mozambique estimated the crocodile to have been about 16-foot long (file photo)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Timaya sets Enugu on fire with legendary performance at Real Deal Experience

Headlining the Real Deal Experience music train for a record sixth time, Timaya ensured there was no single minute of boredom, wrapping up the crowd in a whirl of scintillating performances.
Ranked amongst the best and most popular annual music shows in Nigeria, the Real Deal Experience by Nigeria’s fastest growing stout brand Legend Extra Stout is one every fun-loving Nigerian always looks out for.
So when the train hit the capital city of Enugu last weekend, the expectations were very high and true to its usual billing, it delivered great fun, high level excitement, and enjoyment of the finest locally brewed stout, Legend.
And who else to light up this event and send the raving crowd of fun lovers to a heaven of musical bliss at the Polo Park Mall than the King of Dancehall himself, the Egberi Papa One of Bayelsa, Timaya.
In a manner reminiscent of a mass choir rehearsal, the fans joined in an hour-long sing-along daring the singer himself to outshine them in his own game.

Song for song, killer dance moves for killer dance moves, it was one night residents of Enugu and Timaya himself would not forget in a long while.
Timaya entertained the crowd with his hits, from his debut ‘Dem Mama’ to ‘Ukwu’ and the club banger, ‘I Concur,’ the A-List performer treated his fans to a bevy of his best songs as Legend Extra Stout made sure there was no shortage of premium Legend stout for everyone present.
The Tipsy Kelvano band and comedian, De Don also added to the spice with their fantastic performances to the applause of the crowd.
With a full complementary live band, a state-of-the-art stage, a crowd of loyal Legend stout consumers and fun lovers, and Timaya’s unparalleled stagecraft, trademark energy and bravado known across the length and breadth of Africa, there was really no way Real Deal Experience Enugu could have been anything short of a memorable night for the residents of the coal city.
An excited Timaya said, ‘It’s been a fantastic night I must say. There was too much love from the fans. I can only say a big thank you to them for the love.’
He added, ‘I’ve been on the Real Deal Experience train for a while and it just keeps getting better. The platform provided by Legend Extra Stout is a great one, not just for me as a musician but also for local acts.
‘You never know where you’ll get your break as an entertainer so I really commend Legend team for helping local talents too.’
And that was not all for the night.
For the first time in the history of the Real Deal Experience, a live simulation room was introduced to give Legend consumers a more enriched experience of the brand.
They got to watch the different unique elements that make up Legend stout.
There were also different game shows for the audience and hundreds went home with exciting prizes like flat screen TVs, generators, refrigerators and much more.
‘As the a leading stout brand in the country, we care a lot about consumer experience. We want to consistently engage our consumers by delivering real value to them wherever they are,’ Oluseun Lawal, Brand Manager, Legend Extra Stout, said about the night.
He went on to say, ‘The Real Deal experience will continue to bring Nigeria’s biggest acts to every neighborhood so fans can get to meet and interact with them on a more personal level, just as we continue to use the platform to promote local talents too.

‘We are happy people had fun and we’ll continue to delight consumers in every city with the Real Deal Experience. So with good music, A-list artiste, loyal fans and plenty bottles of the finest stout, of course, you can only get a perfect night of fun,’ he added.

Legend Extra Stout is a unique bitter tasting premium stout, fully brewed from the finest ingredients and bottled under the highest quality standards.
And the Real Deal Experience is Legend’s signature annual nationwide music tour launched to better interact with the brand’s customers.
The tour takes Nigeria’s biggest music stars to grassroots areas around the country to entertain Nigerians and give fans the wonderful experience they crave for.
It also rewards Legend’s consumers with exciting gifts such as flat-screen TVs, generators, and refrigerators.
The Real Deal Experience has been to Nnewi and Enugu this year and will visit other cities in Nigeria in the coming weeks.
So expect the Real Deal Experience in your neighborhood soon.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

US drops 'largest non-nuclear bomb' in Afghanistan area populated by Isis members

The US has dropped the "mother of all bombs" - the largest non-nuclear weapon ever used in combat by the US military - on an area of eastern Afghanistan known to be populated by Isis-affiliated militants.
The Pentagon said the strike was the first time the 21,000lb weapon had been used in combat operations.
A spokesperson for the US Department of Defence confirmed to The Independent that a MC-130 aircraft dropped a GBU-43 bomb at 7pm local time.
The weapon is known in the US Air Force by its nickname MOAB, or "mother of all bombs". MOAB stands for massive ordinance air blast.
Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said the bomb was dropped on a cave complex believed to be used by fighters affiliated to Isis in the Achin district of Nangarhar, close to the border with Pakistan.
The mission had been in the planning stages for months, the Pentagon said in a separate statement. However, they "did not have the information" on whether the mission was being planned during the previous Obama administration.

US Army General John W Nicholson, commander of the country's forces in Afghanistan, said in a written statement that the strike was designed to minimise the risk to Afghan and US forces conducting clearing operations in the Achin area "while maximising the destruction" of Isis fighters and facilities. He said Isis has been using improvised explosive devices, bunkers and tunnels to strengthen its defences.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the US had used a “large, powerful and accurately-delivered weapon” to disrupt the movements of militants in the country. 

“This is the right munition to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against Isis,” General John Nicholson, the head of US and international forces in Afghanistan, it said in a statement. 

Though the Pentagon confirmed to The Independent that the "signoff" went up to General Joseph Votel, commander of US Central Command, they could not say whether the order went all the way up to the White House.

A source said Donald Trump may have authorised the use of the bomb but he does not have to. There has been no official confirmation of the President’s involvement in the strike.

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‘Someone has won but the nation stays losing’ – Seun Kuti says about Big Brother Naija

Son of the Afrobeat legend, Fela KutiSeun says there is no cause for celebration when the whole nation is suffering.
According to him, ‘I believe that the fact someone from the Niger Delta won the BBA nonsense is very accurate. I mean what other region has been fucked by international extractors more.
‘While the majority jubilate when one of them is given peanuts in return for their suffering. Someone has won but the nation stays losing! Another big L for Nigeria and I don’t mean the late talent.’

He went on to state that Big Brother Naija mobilised youth more than the 2015 general elections did.
‘When Big Brother’s celebration of senseless consumerism and misdirection gets more young people voting than our national elections and candidates, we just need to raise better people, shikena.
‘I mean I thought we Fela kids were the ‘no do wells’ and the uncouth! How come we care so much? Re evaluate yourself.
‘What have you learnt in the past 90 days that you couldn’t have learnt just paying attention to your own life?’
Do you agree with him?

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

United States Federal Court Rules Females are Free to Display Their Breasts in Public

Evolution of the human species started from nakedness. The concept of indecency didn’t exist. As we developed into complex beings, we found reason to cover ourselves – to protect ourselves from the weather.
But in this so-called modern era, morality and ethics have become a highly contested issue among academics, governments and society as a whole; some people are of the opinion that a person should be granted an unlimited right, including allowing nudity in public places.
For some, this argument is considered profane and injurious to the social fabric of modern society. In conservative societies such as Africa and the Muslim world, certain dresses are considered indecent. Wearing them can be considered offensive, and the culprit, mostly women, can face punishment. There is no room for the debate of nudity in such societies.
This sharply contrasts with the Western world. People in the West are permitted to wear what they like. In Europe, for example, there are selected places where nudity is allowed. There has been a significant surge in places such as beaches and hotels where people can take all their clothes off without the worry of repercussion.
In the United States though, the issue of sex and the body is not that lax. Some municipalities have their own laws on how people should cover their bodies in public. Although there has been rising pressure from activists to get rid of these laws, towns and cities officials are determined to protect them.
The Municipality of Fort Collins in the state of Colorado passed an ordinance (No. 134) in November 2015, banning girls and women older than nine from exposing their breasts in public unless they were breastfeeding. City officials argued that allowing females to publicly expose their breasts would likely cause distraction among drivers and pedestrians. This, they believe, has a tendency to disrupt public order.
The law was quickly challenged in court in May 2016 by the activist group Free the Nipple. Free the Nipple is a movement that started from a 2012 film of the same name. The group staged protests throughout the city in the past, gathering topless in public spots. Commentators even suspect the activities of the group made city officials pass the law that banned them from exposing their breasts in public. Free the Nipple went to court demanding an injunction on the law.
The gender equality group said the ordinance was restrictive and discriminatory against women in the city. The group explained that if the law was fair, it should have banned both genders from exposing their breasts in public. But city officials countered this by saying the law did not discriminate because male and female breasts are different.
When the facts of the case were presented before the court, District Judge R. Brooke Jackson granted a preliminary injunction on ordinance No. 134. Jackson ruled that the law is discriminatory against women, as well as perpetuating stereotypes that sexualized female breasts.
The court stated that the primary difference between male and female breasts is the ability to breastfeed.  Although the court noted the physical differences between the two, it stipulated that it was not enough to warrant different treatment from the government.
“I find that the ordinance discriminates against women based on the generalized notion that, regardless of a woman’s intent, the exposure of her breasts in public (or even in her private home if viewable by the public) is necessarily a sexualized act. Thus, it perpetuates a stereotype engrained in our society that female breasts are primarily objects of sexual desire whereas male breasts are not,” Jackson wrote in his ruling.
Although this is not the final ruling of the case, Jackson wrote that he granted the injunction in part because he believes he will ultimately find that the ordinance passed by the city violated the Equal Protection Clause.
He stated: “The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment bars state governmental entities from discriminating between the sexes unless they have an ‘exceedingly persuasive justification’ for doing so. In this case, Fort Collins has on the books an ordinance that on its face discriminates against women.”
City attorney, Carrie Daggett said in a statement after the ruling that the city will review the judge’s decision and consider the next steps. It now looks as though the city is reluctant to give up on the case.
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Check out photos from the white wedding of Liz Benson’s daughter

Sequel to her traditional wedding about a week ago in Akwa Ibom, Liz Benson's daughter, Lilian's white wedding held today, April 8. Here are first photos of the bride from the wedding.

Monday, 10 April 2017

The son who helped his dad make a baby!

TUNDE had been separated from his wife for years. She  lives abroad and they are good friends. After years of enjoying the single life, he eventually fell in love and things started going horribly wrong. His story: “I am a medical doctor with a thriving private practice. Six years ago, I finally plucked up enough courage to ask Maureen out to lunch. She was a junior manager at the bank the hospital used and was always very friendly. Whenever interest rates on fixed deposits went up, she would advise me to push for the highest possible on our account. A professional to the core, I was very impressed with how brilliant and intelligent she was. Not to mention her smashing figure. “She’d just helped push a soft loan I desperately needed to refurbish the hospital when I asked her to lunch as a ‘thank you’ gesture. To my pleasant surprise, she agreed and that was how our relationship started. I was in my fifties with two lovely children. 

Their mother had opted to stay behind when I wanted to relocate to the country – our marriage wasn’t working and she had a job she loved with the social service. So, we parted amicably and I so much enjoyed my freedom, I wasn’t really keen on getting married again- until I met Maureen. She was a single mother of a two-year-old daughter and as I got to know her better, she told me she was thinking of leaving the bank to pursue a business in horticulture. She’d completed a horticultural course when she studied abroad and had done a bit on the side for a few clients who’d praised her efforts. 

I encouraged her to follow her dreams and gave her financial support to kick-start the business – she already had half of the outlay from her retirement benefits. “Barely a year later, the business had taken off beyond our wildest dreams – thanks to elaborate decorations that are the in-thing at functions these days – weddings especially. With my clout, I was able to get her jobs from reputable companies and friends. “It was around this time we gave a serious thought to getting married. 

One thing we both wanted very much was a baby of our own. For the next three years, we tried but nothing happened. In the end, I took her to a gynaecologist who was also a very good friend. He did tests upon tests until it was discovered that only one of her fallopian tubes was functioning. That, coupled with my age, had reduced our chances of having a baby. My friend then suggested we travel to Britain, giving us the address of a top IVF hospital. At first, I was reluctant, but Maureen was in her early 30s and feared her biological clock was ticking fast. And I loved her. So I agreed to go with her. “I won’t bore you with details of the tests we had to do, including my being banged up in a cubicle with pornographic materials to facilitate my ejaculating sperm into a small tube I was given. But, I gladly did all that. 

Maureen was then given a series of fertility injections to help her improve her chances of harvesting as many eggs as she could produce. The more eggs that were fertilized and put in her womb, the better her chances of conceiving. The cost of all these procedures was staggering. “After we got a firm date for the IVF, we both came back to Nigeria, with my top nurse giving her the hormonal injections everyday for the duration of the treatment. 

We had to push our travelling a few months forward as both of us were busy. When it was eventually convenient for us to go back to the IVF clinic, Maureen began stalling – she had some fresh contracts to fill and she wanted to arrange for her daughter to be looked after by a proper relative. “I couldn’t really believe what was going on, especially when it was her idea to start a family. I was working late in the hospital that fateful day when my daughter came calling. She didn’t want to live with her old man when she finished at the university, so I gave her and her older brother a flat each in a four-flat apartment I had. Bibi, my daughter, and I have always been close – closer than I was with Mike, her brother, who was on the snooty side. He’d let his studies abroad go into his head and believed the sun rose and set for him! “When Bibi didn’t hug me with the enthusiasm she used to, I knew something was wrong. But nothing prepared me for the bomb-shell she dropped. ‘I don’t know how to say this dad,’ she began, looking into her lap, ‘but I think Mike and Maureen are having an affair … ‘

 The atmosphere was charged for seconds. Was she insane? What had Mike got to do with Maureen? She went on: “I had seen her a few times, sneaking into Mike’s flat, and just last night, as I made for my car, I heard them arguing, so I stayed back to hear what was going on. Mike was threatening to tell you about them if Maureen was too scared to tell you to your face. I thought I should prepare you for whatever shock they have in stock for you.’ “It was obvious my poor daughter had given coming to me a great thought because there was this sympathetic concern on her face as she finished this sad news she’d brought. I must have looked as shattered as I felt because she offered to stay with me for a while. 

I was confused. How long had this been going on? Why didn’t she tell me when it all started? But I couldn’t really blame Bibi – she hadn’t betrayed me. My son had. So had Maureen, and I intended to get to the bottom of this. I called at Maureen’s shop on my way home, mentally kicking myself for not asking her to move in with me when her treatment started. I’d thought we would do that when she got pregnant – a sort of icing on our good fortunes. No wonder she’d been reluctant to go back with me for the IVF treatment, was she now planning to throw me over for my own son? Impossible! “She was her friendly self when I got to her flat. I gave her a penetrating look when she started fussing over me, but she couldn’t really meet my eyes. ‘What exactly is going on between you and my son?’ I asked quietly, silently hoping that she would deny being involved with him. Only, she sat down, shoulders sagging – and burst into tears, weeping profusely that I should forgive her. 

That when the doctors said she had only one functioning tube and that I wasn’t as fertile as I used to be, she’d toyed with the idea of finding another man. Only, she’d confided in Mike once and he’d encouraged her to have an affair. If she became pregnant, the child would be passed off as mine as it would have the same genes. Now she was pregnant. Mike was reneging on his promises … ‘’’Now wait a minute!’ I barked. 

‘Pregnant?’ You’re actually pregnant?’ I didn’t wait to hear more. I drove straight to Mike’s and asked Bibi my daughter to join us. Quietly, I asked him what madness possessed him to get my fiancee pregnant? He looked a bit scared but tried to bluff things out. Bibi didn’t even know about the pregnancy. She was gobsmsmacked. How many blows is a man to take in one fell swoop? If I’d had a gun, I would have happily terminated the life of this traitor that called himself my son. Instead, I turned on my heels and left. What a disaster, I thought on my way home. Spending all that money, time and emotion on fertility treatments only for my son to reap the benefits of my efforts … “It’s often been said that betrayal always comes from people closest to you. Mike and Maureen eventually had a son and they’re now together. 

They’d toyed with the idea of getting married but none of them has the guts to come and discuss anything with me. My own son and my fiancee stabbing me in the back. It is betrayal of the worst kind. It’s going to take forever for me to really understand what happened and come to terms with it. I’ll never trust another woman again.

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Take a look at beautiful photos from the traditional wedding of Liz Benson’s daughter

 Veteran actress, Liz Benson‘s daughter, Lilian and her man, Promise had their traditional marriage in Akwa Ibom over the weekend.

The actress looked as beautiful as ever playing her mother of the bride role in a blue lace dress paired with ivory gele and accessories.
The white wedding is scheduled to hold on Saturday, April 8.
And we bet the bride, Lilian would look as beautiful on the day, judging by these photos from her trad.

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