Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mom buys land, then builds an entire house from scratch by watching YouTube tutorials

The internet can be an amazing place, and it just became more amazing as a woman and her family have shown the world a magnificent house, dubbed Inkwell Manor, that was built from scratch using Youtube tutorials.

Cara Brookins had just left behind two bad marriages, and knew that her and her children needed a place to live, but she quickly realized that the abusive relationship she had left behind had also taken a toll on her financially, and so she decided to take on a massive endeavor and build a home using Youtube as a guide.
Brookins then bought an acre of land in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas and began to build her dream home with her children. With a little estimation, she was able to guess that she’d only need about $130,000 to make it all come true.

“My oldest son, Drew, helped me draw the blueprint to get approved by the city,” she told CNN. With the approval in tow, she and her children got hard at work!

For 9 months, they toiled through, using Youtube, and a family friend who had building experience, when they couldn’t figure out how to solve an issue with the help of the internet.

The final product was done in 9 months, on March 31, 2009!

The house is 3,500 square-foot and dubbed Inkwell Manor because Brookins wanted a place to write. It boasts 5 rooms and a library!

She’s written a book about the experience, Rise: How a House Built a Family, and she hopes it will inspire people to keep dreaming big.

“I never intended to write a book. I was ashamed. But I think it is important to shift your perspective on any negative situation and do something big,” she notes about her experience.

“Never think of your situation as a solo journey,” she continues. “You can heal and grow together with your family.”

Life can throw unpredictable challenges into a person’s life, but Cara Brookins has proven that with family, anything is possible. The beautiful home represents their dedication to one another, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next!

8-year-old girl died of internal bleeding the night after the wedding with 40-year-old man

An eight-year-old Yemeni girl has died of internal bleeding on her wedding night after marrying a man five times her age, a case that was picked up and spread internationally by English-language news media reviving debate about child brides.

Kuwaiti daily newspaper reported that the young girl named Rawan had died of internal hemorrhaging related to vaginal tearing the night after she was married to a 40-year-old man in northwestern Yemen.

A security official in the provincial town of Haradh denied any such incident had taken place. He did not want to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

But two Meedi residents contacted by Reuters confirmed the incident and said tribal chiefs had tried to cover up the incident when the news broke, warning a local journalist against covering the story.

Many poor families in Yemen marry off young daughters to save on the costs of bringing up a child and earn extra money from the dowry given to the girl.

According to UNICEF, around 700 million women in the world today were married while under the age of 18, which increases their chances of leaving school and experiencing domestic violence, and can lead to a lifetime of disadvantage and deprivation.

SHOCKING! Man Narrates How Spirit Of Two Women Forcefully Undress And Sexually Abuse Him

A 35-year-old Kenyan man from Kangemi has made a shocking revelation after opening up about his struggles with spirits who sexually abuse him. Eliud Njoroge, has not had sex for the past five years because of the strange occurrences that have also cost him a wife.
Sharing his predicament with The Nairobian, he claimed that spirits of two women pays him visit at night to force him to have oral sex, something that has tormented him for years.

The women allegedly strip him naked and suck his peen for 45 minutes. Once they are done, they vanish, leaving him weak, tired and very thirsty.

'The problem started around 2012. That particular night, I heard footsteps and a girl crying outside my house. It was so real.  I went out to see what was happening. I saw two women who upon seeing me, vanished,' he said.

'Days later, my wife traveled upcountry and the two women appeared again. This time, they came to my bed, forcefully undressed me and started sucking my peen.  I was in a lot of pain and didn’t comprehend what was going on. I remember waking up very tired and weak,' he added.

He also stated that whenever he sleeps naked, that is when they come to attack him.
'I realised that whenever I slept naked, that is when they attacked me. I am a tormented man. I’ve never had sex for five years because of them,' he said.
Njoroge is now seeking help from a city preacher with hope that he will exorcise the spirits that visit him at least three times in a week.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Family Of 7 Returning From Church Escape Death After Military Truck Rammed Into Their Car In Calabar

A family of seven returning from church escaped death after a Nigerian Army truck rammed into their car on Saturday night in Calabar, Cross River State. 

According to one of the survivors, they were returning from a church service at Word Alive Church located at Anating by Atu street when their vehicle, a white coloured 2008 model Lexux RX33O SUV was hit by the green Toyota Hilux truck with license registration “ARMY 933” and somersaulted.

There were 5 adults and two children in the vehicle at the time of the accident with all escaping unhurt or with minor injuries. Eyewitnesses say the passengers were removed by sympathizers with a few who sustained minor injuries taken to an undisclosed clinic for treatment. It is unclear if the soldier was hurt, as eyewitness say he fled the scene immediately with allegations he was on high speed at the point of collusion.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Banks To Charge For Cash Withdrawal/Deposits Starting April 2017

The Central Bank of Nigeria on Thursday announced the reintroduction of bank charges on certain categories of cash deposits and withdrawals.

This came about three years after the apex bank stopped the charges.

In a circular to all Deposit Money Banks posted on its website, the regulator said the decision to reintroduce the charges on cash deposits was part of the review of charges on deposits and withdrawals under the cashless policy.

It said the decision was taken at the Bankers’ Committee meeting, which held in Abuja two weeks ago.

The circular, signed by the Director, Banking and Payments System Department, CBN, Mr. Dipo Fatokun, stated that the committee decided that the cashless policy should be extended to the remaining 30 states of the federation.

It also directed that with effect from April 1, 2017, banks in the states where the cashless policy was already operating, Lagos, Ogun, Anambra, Abia, Kano, Rivers and the Federal Capital Territory, would begin to impose charges on deposits and withdrawals above N500,000.

Banks will from that date begin to charge individuals 1.5 per cent and two per cent for deposits and withdrawals between N500,000 and N1m.

According to the circular, individuals depositing or withdrawing between N1m and N5m will be charged two per cent and three per cent, respectively.

For amounts above N5m, banks will charge such individuals three per cent and 7.5 per cent for deposits and withdrawals, respectively.

With regard to corporate customers, the CBN stated that deposits and withdrawals under N3m would not attract any charge, but that such customers depositing or withdrawing between N3m and N10m would be charged two per cent and five per cent, respectively.

Also for deposits and withdrawals between N10m and N40m, customers will be charged three per cent and 7.5 per cent, respectively. Deposits or withdrawals above N40m by corporate customers will attract a charge of five per cent and 10 per cent, respectively.

According to the CBN, the new policy on charges will be implemented in selected states on May 1 and August 1, this year; while the total implementation will be concluded on October 1.

The regulator noted that the committee agreed that income generated from the processing fees above the allowable cash limits would be shared between it and the banks in the ratio of 40:60.

However, the CBN said that existing exemptions to the policy such as revenue generating agencies of the federal, state and local governments (for lodgements) will be sustained. Also exempt from the processing fees are embassies, diplomatic missions, multilateral and aid agencies.

The CBN directed lenders to train their employees to enlighten customers on the new policy.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

8 Toxic personalities to avoid

Although we like to think that the people in our lives are well-adjusted, happy, healthy minded individuals, we sometimes realize that it just isn't so.  Personally, I've had moments where I'll be skipping through my day, happy as can be, thinking life is grand and BAM, I'll be blindsided by someone who manages to knock the happy wind out of my sails.  Sometimes it is easy to write it off and other times, not so much.

Maybe you are a positive person, but when you are around a certain individual, you feel negative.  Or, maybe you have an idealistic view of the world and when you are with certain people, you are made to feel silly, unrealistic or delusional.  Or, maybe you pride yourself in being completely independent and in control of your life, but when you are around a certain family member, you regress into a state of childhood.

Some of these situations, and yes, these people, can have a tremendously negative impact on our lives.  And, although we are all human and have our 'issues,' some 'issues' are quite frankly, toxic.  They are toxic to our happiness.  They are toxic to our mental outlook.  They are toxic to our self-esteem.  And they are toxic to our lives.  They can suck the life out of us and even shorten our lifespan.

Here are the worst of the toxic personalities out there and how to spot them:
1. Manipulative Mary: These individuals are experts at manipulation tactics.  Is a matter of fact, you may not even realize you have been manipulated until it is too late.  These individuals figure out what your 'buttons' are, and push them to get what they want.
  • Why they are toxic: These people have a way of eating away at your belief system and self-esteem.  They find ways to make you do things that you don't necessarily want to do and before you know it, you lose your sense of identity, your personal priorities and your ability to see the reality of the situation.  The world all of a sudden becomes centered around their needs and their priorities.
2. Narcissistic Nancy: These people have an extreme sense of self-importance and believe that the world revolves around them.  They are often not as sly as the Manipulative Marys of the world, but instead, tend to be a bit overt about getting their needs met.  You often want to say to them "It isn't always about you."
  • Why they are toxic: They are solely focused on their needs, leaving your needs in the dust.  You are left disappointed and unfulfilled.  Further, they zap your energy by getting you to focus so much on them, that you have nothing left for yourself.
3. Debbie Downers: These people can't appreciate the positive in life.  If you tell them that it is a beautiful day, they will tell you about the impending dreary forecast.  If you tell them you aced a mid-term, they'll tell you about how difficult the final is going to be.
  • Why they are toxic: They take the joy out of everything.  Your rosy outlook on life continues to get squashed with negativity.  Before you know it, their negativity consumes you and you start looking at things with gray colored glasses yourself.
4. Judgmental Jims: When you see things as cute and quirky, they see things as strange and unattractive.  If you find people's unique perspectives refreshing, they find them 'wrong'.  If you like someone's eclectic taste, they find it 'disturbing' or 'bad'.
  • Why they are toxic: Judgmental people are much like Debbie Downers.  In a world where freedom rings, judgment is sooo over.  If the world was a homogeneous place, life would be pretty boring.  Spending a lot of time with these types can inadvertently convert you into a judgmental person as well.
5. Dream Killing Keiths: Every time you have an idea, these people tell you why you can't do it.  As you achieve, they try to pull you down.  As you dream, they are the first to tell you it is impossible.
  • Why they are toxic: These people are stuck in what is instead of what could be.  Further, these individuals eat away at your self-esteem and your belief in yourself.  Progress and change can only occur from doing new things and innovating, dreaming the impossible and reaching for the stars.
6. Insincere Illissas: You never quite feel that these people are being sincere.  You tell a funny story, they give you a polite laugh.  You feel depressed and sad and they give you a 'there, there' type response.  You tell them you are excited about something and you get a very ho-hum response.
  • Why they are toxic: People who aren't sincere or genuine build relationships on superficial criteria.  This breeds shallow, meaningless relationships.  When you are really in need of a friend, they won't be there.  When you really need constructive criticism, they would rather tell you that you are great the way you are.  When you need support, they would rather see you fail or make a fool of yourself.
7. Disrespectful Dannys: These people will say or do things at the most inappropriate times and in the most inappropriate ways.  In essence, they are more subtle, grown up bullies.  Maybe this person is a friend who you confided in and uses your secret against you. 
Maybe it is a family member who puts their busy-body nose into your affairs when it is none of their business.  Or maybe, it is a colleague who says demeaning things to you.
  • Why they are toxic: These people have no sense of boundaries and don't respect your feelings or, for that matter, your privacy.  These people will cause you to feel frustrated and disrespected.
8. Never Enough Nellies: You can never give enough to these people to make them happy.  They take you for granted and have unrealistic expectations of you.  They find ways to continually fault you and never take responsibility for anything themselves.
  • Why they are toxic: You will spend so much time trying to please them, that you will end up losing yourself in the process.  They will require all of your time and energy, leaving you worn out and your own needs sacrificed.
All of these personalities have several things in common.  1) the more these people get away with their behavior, the more they will continue.  2) Unfortunately, most of these people don't see that what they do is wrong and as a result, talking to them about it will fall on deaf ears, leaving you wondering if you are the crazy one.  3) Most of these people get worse with age, making their impact on you stronger with time.

Frankly, life is too short to spend your time dealing with toxicity.  If you can, avoid spending mucho time with people who are indicative of these behaviors and you'll feel a lot happier. Have you encountered these personalities?  What have you done?  Any personalities you would add?

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

OMG: 9-year-old Girl Brutally Beaten For Allegedly Stealing N500 - Photo

A nine-year-old Sierra Leonean girl suffered serious beating in the hands of her guardian last week after she allegedly stole 12,000 SLL (N500).

According to Sierra Loaded, the girl is presently hospitalized at the Kambia Government Hospital while the perpetrator has been arrested by the police.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How Man Lured, Killed & Mutilated His Wife For Rituals In Lagos (Very Disturbing Photos)

A Lagos driver, Shakiru Bello, who was arrested for allegedly killing his wife, Sherifat, said he cut her remains into pieces to escape the wrath of her father, Akeem Atanda, and to avoid being prosecuted for her death.
Shakiru added that after hiding her remains in different uncompleted buildings in Lagos, he fled to Ibadan, Oyo State.

A team from the Ijora Badia Police Division, led by the Operations Officer, ASP Talabi Segun, recovered Sherifat’s head and neck in Morocco, Yaba, while other parts of her body were recovered in another uncompleted building on Moshalashi Street, Somolu.

Punch reports that Sherifat and Shakiru, who were married for over nine years, were separated in July 2016.

The victim, who lived on Daramola Street in the Ijora Badia area, had, however, last Monday reportedly demanded money for the upkeep of their three children.Shakiru was said to have invited her to a location where they allegedly met.

She never returned home.The victim’s father, Akeem, on Tuesday reported a case of missing person to the police, leading to a search for the suspect.

A source said Akeem told policemen that an unidentified number called him that his daughter fell into a lagoon. The source said, “The police tracked the number, and discovered that the caller was in Ibadan. He was arrested and brought down to Lagos around 1am on Saturday.”

The suspect was said to have led the police to the two uncompleted buildings where the remains of the late Sherifat were recovered. Shakiru said,“After we separated, I secretly reconciled with her and we started meeting. On the average, I gave her N15,000 in a week. On that Monday, she called me that she needed money and we agreed to meet.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Canada judge suspended for wearing Trump cap in court

The Canadian authorities have suspended a judge for wearing a cap with Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” in court after November’s US presidential election, local media reported Friday.
Ontario Court Judge Bernd Zabel “stopped being assigned to preside in court December 21, 2016,” court spokeswoman Kate Andrew told the local daily The Hamilton Spectator without commenting about his future.
The decision comes after the court received a series of complaints about Zabel’s vocal support for the US president-elect. His official position requires displaying political neutrality.
Zabel — who was appointed in 1990 — entered a courtroom in the Lake Ontario port city of Hamilton the day after the November 8 election wearing the Trump campaign’s trademark red cap.
He explained his decision later, saying it was a response to criticism from colleagues who “all voted for Hillary” Clinton, Trump’s Democratic rival, the Toronto Star reported him as saying.
“I was the only Trump supporter up there but that’s okay,” he said.
Zabel later apologized, citing a “lapse in judgment” for a “misguided attempt to mark a moment in history by humor in the courtroom.”

Women pose naked to protest Facebook rules (photo)

Photographer Trina Cary, who posts nude pictures of herself regularly on Facebook is fed up of being told that her naked body is unacceptable.
She said she was fed up of seeing videos of naked men, sexual and suggestive images, and violent pictures shared on Facebook without any issue, while her artwork was banned.
Trina then decided to stage a protest.
Tina spoke with Metro UK after she posted a call out on Facebook, inviting women to join her for a nude photo shoot.
30 women responded, and the group headed to a stark rock quarry in Kelowna, Canada, to strip down entirely nude – apart from ‘censored’ tape covering their breasts and pubic areas.
more pictures below

Friday, 17 February 2017

Confusion As 2 Hunters Are Found Dead In A Dreaded Forest In Imo State - (Graphic)

Two hunters who are yet to be identified, were found dead in a dreaded forest in Ogbaku Community of Mbaitolu local Government Area of Imo state.

It is alleged that the hunters went hunting on Tuesday, but were found dead in the
forest after they
didn't return since the day they left. The bodies of hunters have been evacuated by officers of the Nigerian Police. It is suspected they were killed by unknown assailants, as they had series of cutlass cuts and possible bullet wounds on their bodies.

The mystery behind their death will however be unraveled by Officers of Ogbaku Police Division, as investigation is already being conducted.

More photos after the cut;

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Study Reveals That Women Moan During Sex To Boost Partners' Bedroom Performance

All you have to do is watch nearly any depiction of female orgasm on screen to get an idea of how a woman is “supposed” to react during sex. From When Harry Met Sally” to “Sex and the City” [to your basic porn film, women in the throes of passion aren’t just shouting their ecstasy from the rooftops, they’re moaning with pleasure. Loudly. But is this just cinematic license, or is there really something to noisy sex?

Experts wondered the same thing. In 2011, Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Colin Hendrie of the University of Leeds published their research on the topic — technically known as “copulatory vocalization” — in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. In the study, they asked 71 sexually active heterosexual women between ages 18 and 48 for more details about vocalization during sex.

The researchers found that many of the women did make noise but not necessarily while they were having an orgasm. Instead, 66% said that they moaned to speed up their partner’s climax, and 87% stated that they vocalized during sex to boost his self-esteem.
“While female orgasms were most commonly experienced during foreplay, copulatory vocalizations were reported to be made most often before and simultaneously with male ********,”
the researchers wrote. Women also reported making noise to relieve boredom, fatigue and pain/discomfort during sex.
So is female vocalization during sex just a performance for a guy’s benefit? (After all, Meg Ryan’s over-the-top moans were meant to prove a point to “Harry” that men are easily duped by a fake orgasm.)
“There isn’t a lot of research in this area,” said Kristen Mark, a sexuality researcher at Indiana University, “but we’re bombarded with images through mainstream media that tell us moaning is associated with orgasm and sexual pleasure. So it would be a fairly wise faking strategy to moan since men already tend to associate moaning with orgasm.”
Of course, there’s nothing smart about faking it.
“If you’re faking an orgasm, you are signaling to your partner that he is doing everything right, when in fact he isn’t,” sex educator and author Patty Brisben said. “Use moaning as a way of signaling that you are excited and things really are feeling good, not as a way to hide that they aren’t.”

Fake or not, women aren’t the only primates who vocalize during sex. Research in the animal kingdom reveals that female baboons, for example, have a variety of copulation calls, which appear to relate to their fertility: The vocalizations tend to become more complex when the females are closer to ovulation and vary when a female is mating with a higher-ranked male baboon. Female macaque monkeys give a shout to help trigger their mates’ orgasm, too.

Performances and primatologists aside, vocalizing during sex can actually be a great tool to help women get what they want in bed. As I discussed in my column on the topic of talking about sex, it isn’t always easy to translate sexual thought into action, so a little strategic moaning can definitely help get the point across.
“Women are learning to take responsibility for their own sexual needs and wants in the bedroom,” Brisben explained. “We need to take this one step further and give ourselves permission to become teachers. Use vocalization to teach your partner what feels good. It can help you say, ‘stop, go, yes, more please,’ without sounding like a traffic cop.”

And when it comes to noise, “partner benefit isn’t the only piece of the puzzle,” Mark said. “Perhaps making noise turns some women on and helps them experience pleasure.”
Brisben concurred:
“I think there are many women who need to be vocal to help themselves achieve orgasm. It helps move them and their orgasm along. There are certainly phases. As a woman gets into it, she may become extremely vocal and then move into a period of quiet as she is on the verge.”

So do what feels right to you. Any other benefits are just a great bonus. And when it comes to “copulatory vocalization,” perhaps men should take a lesson from the ladies.
“Women understand that moaning is a turn-on for guys, and many women ultimately enjoy it because they’ve made an effort to push a little beyond what comes naturally,” said Logan Levkoff, a sex educator and author of a guide for men entitled “How To Get Your Wife to Have Sex With You.”

“But sexual self-esteem is a two-way street, and, for their part during sex, guys should aim for more than a single grunt at the end. It’s not about faking or doing something you don’t want to, but more about being sexually present and in sync with each other.”

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Give Free Condoms To Youths In Church Instead Of Organizing Evening Service - Ghana Pastor

Controversial Ghanaian counselor George Lutterodt has asked pastors to distribute condoms to the youth in their churches on Valentine's Day instead of organising evening programs in an attempt to prevent the congregation from celebrating the day in the manner they want. It appears the aim of celebrating Valentine's Day has been shifted from showing love to acts of promiscuity.

The development has led to churches holding programs in the evening to engage congregants series of activities including exchange of gifts, choreography and poetry recital.

But Counselor Lutterodt believes church activities can never prevent the current generation from
having sex on Valentine's Day.

Speaking to GhanaWeb, Counselor Lutterodt said the church should advise members on why to abstain from sex and distribute condoms to those who cannot abstain so they can have safe sex.
"Valentine is meant for some category of people and not everybody. Some churches have got it wrong. They think organising a program on Val’s Day can keep these popcorn boys from doing whatever they want to so. It's a shame. Because the boys will do whatever they are supposed to do after 10 o’clock. The best is to share condoms for them,"

he noted.
Asked if that is not a way of fueling fornication, the Reverend replied in the negative.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Bayelsa Father Arrested For Trying To Kill His Daughters In Their Sleep

Ekpokemem Odoni, 57, has been arrested for trying to kill two of his daughters, Ezonboere Odoni, 23, and Miemene Odoni, 16, with a machete while they were asleep in their home in Agudama, Yenagoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa state.

The man told officers of the Bayelsa Police Command that he cut his daughters on their heads, hands and legs with a machete because he overheard them plotting to kill him.
Ekpokemen had allegedly returned with an injury on his leg after he went to cut wood. His daughters boiled hot water for him to clean up and also cooked him a meal but before he was served, he claims he overheard them plotting to put charm in his meal, leading him to reject the food.

Afterward, as they slept that night, he attacked them with a cutlass and left them for dead while he fled. Unluckily for him, he was intercepted by policemen on patrol who suspected something shady about his actions. As he was being interrogated he confessed and was taken to Akenfa police station.

“I have regretted my action. I want God to forgive my evil act.” Ekpokemem said to the police.

The daughters are receiving treatment in the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri, where they were rushed to by neighbors who found them.
Speaking to Channels Television, the daughters denied plotting to kill their father. One of them was quoted as saying.

“We love our father. We cannot hurt our father. My father came home on that fateful day with a big injury. We boiled water for him to bathe and clean the wound. After taking care of him, we went to bed. While we were sleeping my father attacked us with a cutlass and tried to kill us. When he thought that we were dead, he left the house. It was our neighbours that rescued us and brought us to this hospital (NDUTH), where we are receiving treatment.”

Confirming the incident, the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Ahmed Abdul, said the case has been transferred to the headquarters of the State Criminal Investigation Department (Homicide Section), Bayelsa Police Command, Yenagoa.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Shock As SS2 Student Beats Father To Death While Asleep Over Food In Ebonyi State

Ifeanyichukwu Ejeh, a 16-year-old secondary school boy, who lives with his family in in Ndiogodo Idoko village, Ishieke community of Ebonyi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, has been arrested for killing his father.

The SS2 student of Community Secondary School, Mbeke in the area, who had a misunderstanding with his father, over  N1,000 money given to him to buy things and cook for the family but which he used to settle financial requirements in his school instead, clubbed his father to death with a pestle while he was sleeping.

News Telegraph reported that Ifeanyi, who was arraigned before an Abakaliki Magistrate court, pleaded for mercy and blamed it all on a spirit.

According to him, he was reading his book in their compound when something suddenly came over him and asked him to kill his father. He went on to say he regained his senses after he committed the said act.

But wife of the deceased, Mrs Mary Ejeh a Cross River-based business woman, who admitted she was not around when the incident occurred, said the deceased had given N1, 000 to the suspect for cooking but he used it for his school expenses which annoyed the father, leading to a heated argument between the deceased and his son.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Friends & Family Told Me To Kill My Son Because Of His Disability - Kogi Gov’s Wife

The wife of Kogi State governor and founder of Hayat Foundation, Mrs. Amina Bello has appealed to government to provide wheelchairs for physically-challenged children and enforce that schools discriminating against the children should be shut down. Speaking to journalists in Abuja on how some family members and close friends mocked her for having a son who has cerebral palsy, the First Lady said, "Schools which discriminate against children wo are livign with physical and developmental challenges should be shut down.

"Before you set up a school, it must be accessible to these children with special needs. You must have special teachers or therapists in every class and of course you should be certified fit to open a school for special needs children. There is also the stigma which starts from your immediate environment. People will be whispering when a child with special needs or his parents are around.

"This has made a lot of parents to live in depression. This is the reason why some parents choose to live in denial and lick up such children. I was advised to inject my son with harmful substance and some people advised me to take him to the village." Bello further said her foundation will establish an institute with focus on severe cerebral palsy cases and also, will open a training centre for behavioural and occupational therapists.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

See How This Woman Was Caught Stealing After Hiding 9 Clothes In Her Pant (Watch the Video below)

What a shame, this woman who entered the shop under the guise of buying clothes, but it was a disgraceful exit for her. 

Watch the whole episode below:

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Doctors Remove Live Squirming Cockroach From Woman's Skull After 12 Hours (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A 42-year-old Indian woman said she was sound asleep last Tuesday night until around midnight when she woke up to a “tingling, crawling sensation” in her right nostril. At first, the woman, a domestic worker named Selvi, said she brushed the feeling off, thinking that she may have caught a cold, until she felt something move.
She said she spent the rest of the night in discomfort, waiting for the sun to rise so she could go to the hospital.

She said:

“I could not explain the feeling but I was sure it was some insect”. “Whenever it moved, it gave me a burning sensation in my eyes.”
She said as soon as the sun rose, her son-in-law took her to a  clinic closest to her home in Injambakkam, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
But when they got there, the Doctors referred her to another hospital, because they thought she might be suffering from a nasal growth.
The second hospital referred her to a third one where the doctors recommended a scan, and told her the discomfort may be coming from “a foreign body that seemed to be mobile,”.

Finally, in her fourth doctor visit, at Stanley Medical College Hospital, doctors used an endoscope to find out what the cause of the discomfort was.
“It was a full grown cockroach,” M.N. Shankar, the head of the ear, nose and throat department, told the Times of India. “It was alive. And it didn’t seem to want to come out.”
The insect was sitting in the skull base, between the eyes and close to the brain, Shankar said.

Doctors first tried to use a suction device to remove the cockroach, but the insect clung to the tissues. After a 45-minute process, using suction and forceps, doctors were able to extract the bug, still alive. Because of the critter’s location, doctors had to first drag it to a place from which it could be extracted. It had been lodged inside for about 12 hours.
Doctors placed the insect in a container, its wing spread and its legs moving rapidly. 

“If left inside, it would have died before long and the patient would have developed infection, which would have spread to the brain,” Shankar added. Shankar said this was the “first such case” he has seen in his three decades of practice.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Married Man Dupes Lady N450k After Fake Marriage Proposal

A Lagos court has declared a 45-year old man, Raphael Emmanson wanted, for allegedly obtaining N450,000 from a lady, Miss Chinedu Chukwu under the false pretence of marrying her and to procuring visa for both to travel abroad as husband and wife, PM Express reports.

The wanted man not only duped Chinedu of the said amount, he also made the victim to lose her fiance and job with a pharmaceutical company and then fled.

It was gathered that Chinedu suffered her fate after she met Emmanson at a park in Abuja where he pretended to be stranded and she decided to assist him.

Emmanson, who is from Okigwe in Imo State, deceived Chinedu by telling her that he came to Abuja to procure visa to travel abroad but was stranded and needed a place to sleep till the next day that he purportedly had an appointment with an embassy.

She took pity on him and drove him to her house after explaining to her fiance what happened.
Chinedu said when Emmanson got to her house and she introduced him to her fiancé.

However, they became friends and after a while he ensured that she collapsed her relationship with her fiancé after he promised her marriage and that both will travel abroad.

It was through that deceit that he managed to obtain the money from her to procure visa.

After she gave him the money, the suspect bolted away and ran to Lagos.

Asides that the victim lost her fiance to the deceit of Emmanson, she also lost her job because part of the money taken off her was her company’s money.

After searching for him for several months, Emmanson was eventually arrested in his hideout in a hotel at Shasha area by the police.

Upon his arrest, it was discovered that the suspect is married with two children.
He was later taken to Ejigbo Magistrate’s court where he was charged with obtaining under false pretence and stealing under the Criminal Code.
He pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate Mr J.O.E. Adeyemi granted him bail and remanded him in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail.

However, when he was released from custody, Emmanson ran away again and has not appeared in court to face trial.

Consequently, the court declared him wanted and ordered for his arrest while the matter was adjourned till 27 March 2017.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Tension As Winners Chapel Member Commits Suicide In Benin Church

Activities were disrupted during a church service at the Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel in Benin, the Edo State yesterday.

According to NewTelegraphonline, members of the congregation received a strange visit of emissaries of Omo N’Oba Nedo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare II, over a member, who reportedly committed suicide in the place of worship.

It was learnt that family and members of the church had allegedly brought down the victim from where he was dangling and rushed him to a nearby hospital to conceal the incident and to avert consequences.

But the incident later attracted the attention of the Benin monarch who quickly deployed the Ewanse 
(palace functionaries) to the church located on Upper Erhunwumse Street in the ancient town.

Following the intervention of the palace, tension was said to have heightened among the leadership and members of the Pentecostal church as they tried to ensure the case did not get out of hand.

It was learnt that the visit by palace functionaries was informed by an alleged disobedience by leadership of the church to placate the gods of Benin Kingdom over the abominable act.

At press time, policemen from Evboutubu Divisional Station were drafted to area to forestall any breakdown of law and order.

The palace functionaries engaged representatives of the church in a dialogue which lasted several hours. The meeting aimed at resolving the impasse.

The leader of the Ewanse group, who refused to disclose his name, said the gathering would not have been necessary had the leadership of the church done the needful as required in Benin tradition and culture.

He said the palace was angered because the church flagrantly removed a traditional sign placed on the building by palace functionaries which signifies an alleged abominable act was committed by a church worker.

He added that, as a matter of urgency, the leadership of the church must visit the palace to enquire about the sacrificial items needed to appease the gods of the land.

Efforts to get the comment of the pastor or a member of the church on the incident yesterday failed as they all declined to speak on the matter, NewTelegraphonline reports.

A source in the church disclosed that the deceased, whose name was not readily known, was not a pastor as earlier speculated in some quarters.

The source added that though the victim had lost his life in the hospital as some family and church members rushed him to a nearby hospital immediately he was caught in the suicide act a few days ago.

The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Moses Nkombe, when contacted on the incident yesterday, said details of the incident had not been available to the command.

Also when contacted on the phone yesterday, the palace Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr. Odemwenmgie Donald, confirmed the incident.He said:
“I don’t even know the church where the incident occurred but I know that a pastor committed suicide there.”

On the visit of the Ewanse group from the palace, he said:

“There are various sections of palace functionaries, groups and societies and they don’t inform us when they want to carry out any function.”

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