Friday, 25 September 2015

Marriage in the Sky---WITH PHOTOS

A wedding in the Sky is hosted on a platform, where 20 visitors are strapped into aircraft-like seats and suspended at a height of 50 meters. As befits an exclusive venue, and a second crane can be used to suspend another platform at the same height, making space for entertainment or additional guests.

Photos below:

Images from Events in the Sky

Thursday, 24 September 2015

This Innocent Girl Was Tortured For 10 Hours Straight…And You Might Agree With It.

A woman in the UK was recently treated to unspeakable horrors and torture of the worst kind. Her name is Jacqueline and shockingly, this is what she wanted.

You see, Jacqueline was making a point. She was passionate about companies using horrible animal testing methods and she knew she had to make a statement.

For 10 hours, she wore a flesh-coloured body suit only and was put on display in the shop window in London to show what animals go through.

Her eyes burned with chemicals – the same type of cosmetics testing that would be done on animals.

Moments later, she was force-fed food and drink.

One of the most difficult moments was when her head was gripped and electronic clippers shaved a large strip from her hairline – a common practice in laboratories when monitors or electrodes need to be attached to an animal’s skin.

Creams and lotions were applied to her forehead and cheeks leaving painful red sores and burns.

Uncomfortable electrodes were attached to her head while she was tested.

Some of the terrifying tools she had to endure but animals face this on a daily basis in labs.

Her arm bled in real life from resisting multiple injections.

Although it was a performance, she never looked comfortable and suggested not all the pain was an act.

Jacqueline was publicly humiliated, shivering with cold and had red sores from the lotions from her cheek. But it was not in vain – passersby saw her ordeal and signed a petition against animal testing. This protest of animal testing was meant to spa.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Checkout Jibola Ajimobi's Wedding Dress that costs a whooping sum of N23m [Photos]

Ajibola Ajimobi wedded her heartthrob, Ayokunle Ajayi, On the 10th of September at Ociel dbayeh, BeirutLebanon... Her wedding dress according to sources costs a whooping sum of £70k (which makes it N22,680,000) while she had a human size cake for her special occasion.... More Photos After The Cut.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Photos- Fayose's Son Living Large, Acquires N30m Porshe Car

Ekiti state governor,Ayodele Fayose’s son Tomiwa just splashed a whopping sum of N30M on a brand new Porshe. He took to Instagram to show it off. Big congrats to him.     

See more of his pictures below:

PHOTOS: Singer Davido visits his hometown

Davido last weekend visited his hometown – Ede, Osun State to attend the maiden convocation of Adeleke university which is owned by his family. He performed at the University’s convocation dinner hosted by the Pro Chancellor – Dr Adedeji Adeleke and went ahead to inspect the ongoing Adeleke University (Permanent Site) worth many billions of naira (project nearing completion).

Sunday, 20 September 2015

My husband ‘toasted’ me with doughnuts and soft drinks -Helen Paul (Tatafo)

 Happily married mother of three, Helen Paul, has risen to be one of Nigeria’s most sought after comedians.

As I drove to her office located in Ogba, Lagos, that cloudy morning, I kept wondering what it would be like interviewing a comedienne. As I pulled up outside her office, I was excited and looking forward to chatting with a lady who has held Nigerians spell bound with her comic baby voice.

On this day, Paul was wearing a pair of trainers and a short dress which terminated just above her knees. Looking all sporty, she was flanked by her publicist, Bayo Adetu, as the pair met me at the gate of Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy. I followed behind casually as we ascended a staircase and was ushered into a tastefully furnished office.

As soon as we settled down, Paul went down memory lane, recalling how she met and married her husband of five years.

“I met him through my boss where I was formerly working,” the comedienne popularly known as Tatafo says, a look of nostalgia in her eyes.

“He was a friend to my boss. While he always saw me as too playful and jumpy, I saw him as too stingy,” Tatafo continues, laughing.

According to Tatafo, the reason she thought her husband was stingy was that whenever he came to the office, he never bothered to buy anything for her and her co-workers unlike her boss’ other friends who were always generous.

“Those days when my boss’ colleagues came visiting, they always reached out to us when leaving. They gave us money which we used to buy doughnuts and soft drinks but my husband never gave us anything.
“He would just wave his hand and say ‘bye bye guys, take care of yourselves’,” she says, mimicking a stern and unfriendly male voice, adding, “So we always saw him as a selfish lawyer.”

Belling the cat

However, one day, Tatafo and her colleagues were up to the hilt and so she summoned all the courage she could and decided to confront him.

“On that fateful day, I summoned courage and as he was leaving, I told him, ‘sir, you don’t buy us anything any time you come but we really like you. If you can be buying us doughnuts and soft drinks, we would be very grateful’. He started laughing, so I quickly added, ‘sir, it’s not only me o. My colleagues are also involved, so please don’t tell our boss’.”

Indeed, Tatafo’s move paid off as her future husband laughed it off after which he reached into his pockets and gave them ‘something’ for lunch.

“We were so happy I asked for his phone number which he gave me. And then I gave his number to my friends and we all started calling to thank him. He realised that we really desired the doughnuts and soft drinks so whenever he came by, he would give us money for doughnuts and soft drinks. He never failed to deliver whenever he showed up and we never stopped thanking him. And then one day, he took a good look at me and said ‘baby, I love you’ and the rest is history.”

By 2009 it finally dawned on the both of them that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. That same year, the couple had their traditional wedding, and the following year, a church wedding. Today, the union is blessed with three kids.

However, five years down the line, what is that thing the comedienne would want to do differently if she had a second chance at marriage?

Hear her: “I would have loved to give birth to triplets instead of having to visit the labour room thrice. If I was doing triplets, I would have nine kids by now. I love children so much.”
But then, is Tatafo done having kids? “I really don’t know o,” she responds waving her hands expansively. “Because my body is still very soft.”

Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy

Are you dreaming of becoming a comedian, actor or actress? If that’s your dream then the place to be is Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy.

On why she floated the academy, Paul has this to say: “The love for impacting people, connecting with people, making people feel impeccable and building or boosting their ego is what inspired me to start this school. Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy is all about raising impeccable stars.

“When I was at the University of Lagos, I discovered that most people just wanted to come to UNILAG but not everybody could make it. That ignited in me the passion to want to create an opportunity for those who cannot make it to UNILAG and today the rest is history.

“There was this guy who came to our academy who couldn’t speak English but Yoruba. We took him on and let him know that theatre did not start from the English speaking part of Nollywood. It started with the likes of Ogundes and Ogunmolas. In fact, I told him I prefer Yoruba films to English and that he could be like any of the great Yoruba actors. Then he confessed to me that he wanted to act in Yoruba films and by the time we started following him up, we realised he had so much potential.

“We took the English lesson gradually and today he speaks very well; in less than six months. These days, when he talks in class, people no longer make jest of him because we have built his confidence. The school is barely a year old.”
(the sun)

PHOTOS: Jim Iyke and Lithuanian girlfriend welcome baby boy

Jim Iyke did a great job hiding his relationship from Nigerian media…who knew he was dating a white woman and had a baby with her? According to The African Eye magazine, who sent the photos to LIB, Jim and his 23 year old Lithuanian girlfriend Dana Kinduryte welcomed a baby boy on September 1st at Grady Hospital, Atlanta. The child has since been named Harvis Chidubem Iyke.

According to African Eye, Jim met Dana, a law graduate in London over a year ago but she didn’t even know he was a famous actor until three months after they started dating.
Five months after the couple found out they were expecting a child, Jim moved Dana into his apartment in Atlanta where he cared for her. Jim was said to be present and assisted in the delivery of his first child.
“My son. After trying a few relationships in the industry at home, I didn’t want the circus and misconceptions that came from close scrutiny so I spared no expense and resources to protect this relationship and my baby. This time last year I was in depression over my mom’s death. This time around I’m in tears of joy”. Jim was quoted as saying
Many of his friends and colleagues are said to be surprised about the baby news as most didn’t know he was expecting one. Congrats to Jim and Dana

Checkout More Photos from Billionaire Dehinde Fernandez's funeral

Checkout Dangote's $30m Mansion

Inside Africa's Richest Man Dangote's $30m Abuja mansion. According to Africa Cradle who were given access to,the mansion situated in Abuja.  Mr. Dangote has called this place home for a good twelve years, and he said he is selling the property because he has just completed a new piece of real estate in the United Kingdom, where he is switching to after putting ink to paper on a deal to purchase the london based Arsenal Football Club.

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