Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Outbreak of Meningitis in Zamfara State.

Outbreak of Meningitis in Zamfara State.
By; Anas Yunus

Zamfara State is plagued by endemic virus of Meningitis this week which claims the lives of hundreds of people in the state.

The Governor was accused of negligence and  mishandling the disease outbreak in state. A health worker who doesn't want his name print said that the Governor was notified about the possible outbreak of Meningitis and was asked to provide vaccines, but he fails to.

The Governor in a self defense attributed the disease outbreak as God's punishment for the sins of fornication in the state.

According to some observers in the state, Governor Yari fails to provide vaccines or basic healthcare for the people who elected him and bury his shame attributing it to God, for people who have suffered  about 300 deaths from meningitis, and then goes ahead to tell the world that this suffering people are being punished for their sins, they tend to agree with him.

They said, "their sin is voting for selfish people like him to run their affairs"

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