Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Shocking-man fined for beating wife for sharing lipstick with local hooker

A local man who beat up his wife before attempting to tear off a marriage certificate to punish her for associating with friend suspected to be a hooker, has been fined $50.

Remember Sithole slapped his wife Cathrine Sithole after finding her standing with a woman he said is a well-known lady of the night. The two were sharing and applying lipstick in front of the couple’s house.
An infuriated Sithole battered the wife before entering the house where he took their marriage certificate and a pair of scissors intending to cut it into pieces.

The woman was however swift as she quickly brought in cops from a nearby police base who arrested her husband and charged him with physical abuse. Sithole pleaded guilty to physical abuse when he appeared before magistrate Lindiwe Maphosa.

He said he was incensed when he found the two together and thought of tearing their marriage certificate to end the bond because he was tired of chastising her against associating with the woman.

“I couldn’t stand the sight of always seeing my wife associate with a hooker. On this day they were sharing lip stick and so I slapped her out of anger,” said Sithole.

The magistrate fined him $50 for the offence.
An additional two-months-jail term was wholly suspended for five years on condition he doesn’t commit a similar crime within that period. Particulars of the case as presented by prosecutor Listen Nare were that on New Year’s Eve, Sithole arrived home at night and found his wife with the suspected hooker.

He got angry and started assaulting her. The court heard that an argument ensued between the two resulting in Sithole further assaulting his wife.

“The accused then left in a hush and went inside the house. His wife followed behind and as she stepped in, he was holding their marriage certificate and a pair of scissors intending to cut it,” said the prosecutor.

Sensing more danger from the infuriated husband, the woman bolted out of the house to a nearby police base where she came back with cops who immediately arrested her husband for physical abuse.
Sithole hadn’t cut the marriage certificate.

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