Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Nurse rents out her breasts to feed babies of gay parents

A French mother is offering to hire out her breasts to gay couples are unable to breast-feed their own babies.
The 29-year-old nurse is advertising her services as a health benefit to newborns - and demands €20 (£17) an hour for the feeding sessions.
And while her unorthodox offer may seem like a practical joke, she insists she is deadly serious and demands that any potential customers must be too.
The classified advert was posted on e-loue, a website offering goods and services for rent, by a user calling herself 'cecilia232' who lives in the Parisian suburb of Boulogne.
It reads: 'I am a young mother in good health, a trained nurse aged 29, and I am renting my breasts to suckle newborns. In one day, I can offer your baby up to a dozen feeds.
 The bizarre offer comes in the wake of widespread controversy in France over the legalisation of same-sex marriage and gay adoption.
Francois Hollande's Socialist government passed a gay-rights bill last year, but was met by opposition from traditionalists.
The new law came into effect earlier this year, offering the chance of a lucrative new market for those involved in the business of weddings and childbirth - an opportunity eagerly seized by 'cecilia232'.
Although some may be sceptical as to the sincerity of her advert, e-loue told French website Terrafemina that they had contacted her and ascertained that she was not joking.
Apparently she has already received two requests for her services.
Wet-nursing, the practice of mothers handing their babies over to other women for breast-feeding, used to be relatively common, particularly among wealthy families.
The tradition still continues in some developing countries, but has been almost entirely abandoned in the West thanks to the development of formula milk for babies whose mothers are unable to breast-feed.

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