Monday, 29 February 2016

Comedian AY, Wife Replies Critics of Their Marriage

The news of trouble hitting the marriage of famous comedian Ayo  Makun and his beautiful wife Mabel spread to town while the comedian was away in UK on the set of a TV series for BBC.
When the news broke, we called the comedian turned movie producer who said his marriage is intact and that he does not have an idea of what was being peddled. On Sunday, February 28, AY took to the social media to celebrate his wife.

The comedian wrote: “The best part of having a friend and a wife like you, is that I always have happy days to look forward to. We can never be PERFECT enough to stop anyone from having an opinion about us. Thanks to everyone who gave us reasons to love each other even more.”

Mabel Makun will not let AY’s appreciation of her go reciprocated and she declared AY as: “Man crush for Life” on her Instagram. In her bid to debunk the rumour she also wrote: “If you don’t know my story, don’t try to tell it.”

Stella Dimokokorkus had broken the news of Mabel Makun packing out of the Lekki home she shared with her husband AY. Many alleged that their couple’s marriage has stories of wife battering. When AY denied that is marriage is not suffering any hiccup and that since it was Stella Dimokokorkus that broke the news she should give the details, Stella grew angry and threatened to reveal more about their embattled marriage.  

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