Sunday, 1 November 2015

14 Things You Can Give People And Make Thousands And Millions Of Naira For Yourself

There are several ways you can make money from people if only you could think outside  of the box.  In this article I am going to briefly talk about some of these things you can give to people in order for you to make money for yourself and business..
Please dear I am going to only touch briefly on them and you on your own expand on which ever you would want to dwell on.
Did you know you can make a lot of money if you:
1.  Give People Better Quality of Service. Whatever service you are rendering you should endevour to be outstanding in it because there  are thousands and one person out there who are rendering the same service you are giving, so yours need to be unique. Put a spice on it. Give them that WOW effect
2,  Give People A Way To Save Time. Whatever service you are rendering, the least that is expected from you is not to waist people’s time.  Be proactive, try and attend to people as fast as you can, it will really help in your business.
3.  Give Them A Way To Save Money. Everybody want to save money, so your service towered towards making people to save money, they will really embrace it.
.4.  Give People Convenience. Naturally human beings love convenience, if your service or product is about making them to be convenient, oh they will love it.
.5.  Give Them A Way To Make Money. Let me ask, Who does not want to make money, your service or product should be tailored to make money and while they are trying to make money you will be making your money also.
6.  Give Them State-Of-The-Art Products & Services. Your service or product should be outstanding. The service or product should be modern, how will you make money when you are rendering a service or product that is out of date, you need to move with the trend
7.  Give People  A Way To Making Life Less Difficult.  If your product or service makes life easier for people money making will be a lot easier than you may think.
8.  Give People A Way To Enhance Their Looks  Oh! Almost everybody is conscious about his or her look.  Your product or services should focus on beauty and appearance, you will be smiling to the bank as you do so.
9.  Give People Items That Have Multiple Uses As people want to have more money they need products that would want to service multiple uses and in doing so  they are saving money. Nobody wants to spend money frivolously, everybody wants to save money..
10.  Give Them Items That Are Durable And Long-Lasting. People do not want to have a product and the next minute it is falling apart, they want a service or product they would want to use for a period period of time..
11.  Give Them Products or Services That Will Solve A Problem They Have. For instance, a woman is having hair loss as a problem, just tell me if she will not patronize you if you are offering a service or product that will solve her hair loss problem. My dear money making is easy, just try and use your head and you will be smiling to the bank.
12.  Give Them Items That Are More Effective. You are complaining of not making money, have you offered a service or product that is more effective than that of your competitor, try that and see if your bank will not call you to take your account somewhere else because you are giving them too much to bear. Let me tell you this, your cash is a liability to the bank.
13.  Give Them Items That Make Life More Enjoyable. I want to ask this question, will you throw away enjoyment if you come across one? The answer is NO. Now imagine yourself offering a product or service that will make people to enjoy themselves and you think you will not sell, it is not possible.
14.  Give Them Items That Offer Multiple Benefits. Please do not confuse multiple benefits with multiple uses, they are two different things. The service or product you are offering should be beneficial to users from many fronts, that they will appreciate it more and that means more money for you.
In conclusion, you should find a way that your product or service can fill as many of these needs as possible. The more needs your product fills, the more likely you are to make a sale and in essence make money for yourself and business.

Go back over this list again. Find the things that make your product or service stand out above the competition. Point these things out to your customers in your sales copy, and they will definitely buy from you!

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